Singapore Acknowledgment - airDefender

Singapore Acknowledgment

airDefender® prides itself as an accessible hygiene solution to all levels of life from industrial to commercial to the common consumers. As part of the pride, airDefender promises quality and efficacy in all our products, which can be evident by all our recognitions and lab results by independent institutions worldwide, ranging from public governmental agencies to private research laboratories.

As an extension of these recognitions and partnerships, we are excited to be featured as the only Class C surface coating product effective against human coronaviruses (Covid-19 virus) on Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA) website. Class C is the classification assigned to products recommended for those desiring sustained antimicrobial protection beyond the initial few minutes or hours of cleaning as these products display residual efficacy of >99.9% virus reduction in the 2-24 hours time range tested*.

*Tested time ranges are: 0-15 minutes, 15 minutes-2 hours, and 2-24 hours. 

Our most recent study in compliance to EPA standards performed by ALG-Element, surface virucidal efficacy of airDefender Antibacterial Solution was observed against SARS-related Coronavirus 2 strain.
The product presenting no cytotoxicity under any dilution was also observed in the study.

*Antiviral efficacy may vary depending on substrate type, application dosage of the treatment, impurities, and application procedure.